A playmat that does not only provide your little one with pretend play opportunities but also encourages your child to cross their midline while they are playing. Crossing their midline is an important skill that is needed for when they must use their bodies in a coordinated manner during fine motor and gross motor activities.

  • Size: 1250mm x 870mm 
  • Pieces: 1 PVC Playmat & 2 Wooden Cars 
  • Age: 4 years +
  • Product code: MOV404
  • If your child uses their upper body and arms to move a car around the track, they will have to use both arms together and improve bilateral coordination. These are both very important skills to develop for e.g. writing. The figure 8 also provides the opportunity for your child to cross their midline.
  • Your child will learn how to plan different gross motor actions, making it easier for them to repeat these actions in the future, improving these specific gross motor skills and also learn how to use their bodies when performing these skills.
  • As they will have to rely on their upper bodies for support, they will improve the muscle strength of the upper body that will directly have a positive effect on their fine motor skills.
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