Educational Kit - 2 to 3 Years

R 2,348.00

The 2-3 Years Educational Kit (EDU574) contains: CON505 Medium Blocks Wooden 40pc 1EDU504 Large Shaped Beads 1CON534 Linking Shapes 1 EDU512 Nuts & Bolts Set 1EDU537 Animals & Their Homes 1EDU542 Halves & Halves 1EDU564 2pc Matching Colours 1EDU521 Combo Writing Board- Spiral 1EDU538 2pc Matching- Animals & Their Babies 1EDU545 First Picture Match Lotto 1

Educational Kit - 3 to 4 Year

R 2,086.00

MAT617 2-piece Matching Shape Recognition EDU540 Getting Dressed for Seasons EDU539 Things That Go Together MAT619 3-piece Matching small, medium & large EDU552 Sequence 1 EDU518 Combo Writing Board - Heart EDU544 Lotto - Emotions LIF520 Lotto - Matching Food EDU547 Lotto Animals EDU534 Fishing Game EDU501 Beads & Laces EDU516 Geo Stackers 1 Container

Educational Kit - 4 to 5 Year

R 2,491.00

EDU535 Domino Animals EDU536 Domino Butterfly EDU539 2-piece Matching - Things That Go Together EDU541 2-piece matching - Bird Shadows EDU 531 T-Shaped Maze Puzzle MAT617 3-piece Matching - Before and After EDU552 Sequence 1 EDU555 Attribute Cards EDU559 Build-A-Butterfly EDU544 Lotto - Emotions EDU502 Threading  Geo Shapes EDU517 Jumbo Peg Board EDU500 Threading Shapes EDU551 Lotto: Right & Wrong...

Educational Kit - Grade R

R 2,648.00

EDU535 Domino Animals EDU536 Domino Butterfly EDU559 Build-A-Butterfly EDU541 2-piece Matching - Bird Shadows EDU506 Pegboard Set EDU501 Beads & Laces EDU500 Threading Shapes EDU557 Geo-Board Set EDU553 Shape on a Hook EDU555 Pattern Cards - Attribute Shapes EDU544 Lotto - Emotions EDU552 Sequence 2 EDU515 Tricky Fingers EDU523 Lacing Pegboard 1 Container