Grow Learning Company, established in 2007, is managed and directed by Annerie Dresselhaus. As a mother of 4 sons and 1 girl , entrepreneur and a natural problem solver, Annerie embraces child development and training with intense passion and vigour.

Annerie was very young when her father passed away, resulting in her spending a lot of time in her mother’s classroom. Her mother’s passion and dedication for education and teaching played a vital role in Annerie’s life.

Annerie has faced many challenges with her children’s upbringing and education. Her first challenge came when her eldest son was born with a rare genetic disorder, Sotos Syndrome. Her sons also battled with delayed speech development. Annerie’s strength was tested when her youngest son contracted Meningitis and Urosepsis. Annerie put in many hours of research to teach and stimulate each of her boys to develop to their full potential.

Through Annerie's experiences she started understanding what parents and educators were looking for, and due to her natural entrepreneurial skills, she and her good friend, Renaldi Myburgh, recognized an opportunity created by a gap in the market. Grow Learning Company was founded to provide educational resources to bring joy to children whilst simultaneously enhancing their ability to think, analyze and create.

Grow Learning Company has a diverse product line of over 2500 products, focusing on all areas of development suitable to parents, educators, therapists, retailers and all corporate institutions focusing on Early Childhood Development.

At Grow Learning Company we believe that “Every child can” and “Learning is always in season”.

When the fun goes out of play, most often so does the learning” – Joanne E. Oppenheim