2-4 Years Music Kit

R 1,516.00

Our 2-4 years Music Kit (MUS523) contains: MUS507 Egg Shakers (Set of 2) 3MUS518 Mini Maracas (Set of 2) 3MUS508 Triangles 5MUS512 Wrist Bells (Set of 2) 3MUS502 Tambourine 2MUS511 Jingle Sticks with Ribbon 4MUS514 Handle Castanets 4MUS516 Finger Symbols (Set of 2) 1

Castanet - Finger

R 41.00

This percussion instrument is perfect for helping children count, go along with a rhythm, or just enjoy as an instrument. Our finger castanets are made from plastic and you receive a pair of castanets as one is required for each hand. The castanet is played with the string hooked over the thumb and the castanets resting on the palm with...

Castanet with Handle

R 66.00

Our durable plastic handle castanets are easier to use than the finger castanets and are a great percussion instrument to tap out different rhythms.


R 54.00

Claves are an important instrument in Cuban music. They are basic pair of short wooden dowels that are used as a percussion instrument to tap out different rhythms. They create a bright clicking noise when struck. Perfect for helping children with counting, developing bi-lateral co-ordination as well as hand-eye co-ordination.

Cluster Bell on a handle

R 47.00

These plastic cluster bells are very pleasing to the eye and the ear. There are 3 bells attached securely to a piece of plastic which is easy to grip and will encourage children to grip, grasp and practice voluntary release. Children have great fun jingling their bells as music plays in the background. Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the...

Cymbals - Finger

R 58.00

Known as "Zills" in turkish. These are fun props which make a great ringing noise if hit quickly. Just place one steel cymbals on your thumb and the other on another finger and then hit together to make a delightful ring. Fun music making as well as developing hand strength and control at the same time.

Cymbals - Hand

R 162.00

Your little one will feel like he is in the marching band with these clashing cymbals in hand. Made from durable steel, this pair of hand cymbals create a lovely ring when clashed against each other. Help your child develop rythm, bilateral co-ordination, hand-eye co-ordination and shoulder and arm strength as they play.

Egg Shakers

R 38.00

Colourful plastic egg shakers. Two in a set. The egg shaker can be played in a number of ways-shake it up and down to create a fast percussion line or from side to side creating a slightly different sound.

Hand Drum

R 105.00

Wooden hand drum with diameter of 20cm. Hand drums are found throughout the world and are easy to play. You can play your hand drum by holding it out in front of you with one hand and striking the drum with the other, or you can rest the outer edge of the frame on your knees and play it with...

Jingle Stick with Ribbon

R 80.00

Let children have fun making and exploring musical sounds with this 13 bell jingle stick with colourful ribbon.

Jingle Sticks

R 77.00

Jingle stick with 13 bells. Pair


R 83.00

Strong plastic maracas to use in pairs or individually. Great for improving children's rhythm skills. Pair

Maracas - Mini

R 54.00

Colourful child size maracas to use individually or in pairs. Pair.

Maracas - Wooden Mini

R 66.00

Improve a child's rhythm skills using these mini maracas.  One pair only included per purchase.    

Marching Drum

R 403.00

Plastic Ø 20cm. Tap out a drum beat or use the drumsticks, creating a wonderful resonating drumming sound

Mini Music Kit

R 939.00

This Kit is perfect for upcoming little musicians. Children from 2 years of age absolutely love playing instruments, and these instruments are all mini size especially for the mini people in your life.

Music Kit 3

R 2,202.00

Plastic Tambourine

R 54.00

Strong and colourful plastic tambourine with four bells.

Strawberry Tambourine

R 79.00

Strawberry Tambourine Combining sound and vivid colour to capture children's imaginations, the tambourine is a fun musical percussion toy for any child.

Strawberry Xylophone

R 92.00

Colourful strawberry-shaped xylophone made from natural wood and metal. Includes one mallet.


R 54.00

Professional triangle made of metal.

Triangle - Large

R 70.00

Professional triangle made of metal.

Wooden Tambourine

R 98.00

Ø 20cm. This tambourine is made of strong natural wood and has 6 bells. Easy to grip with a professional sound

Wrist Bells

R 66.00

Durable wrist or ankle bells, enclosed with hook and loop. Qty: 2 wrist bells per set