Is your child tired of colouring pictures? Why not let them colour with shapes? This shape game has 16 activity cards, each with a colourful picture/shape formation. Your child will learn to identify the correct shapes to complete the picture and improve their attention span and fine motor skills as they place the correct shape on each image. The activity cards increase in difficulty, making it an appropriate game for more than one age level.

  • Size: 190mm x 140mm 
  • Pieces: 16 wooden activity cards, +/- 80 plastic shapes & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 4 years +
  • Material: Wood
  • Product code: EDU555
  • Matching 3D shapes on a 2D picture is an important skill to build into their foundation for reading and writing.
  • Identifying and even naming shapes as part of early Maths skills.
  • Improve problem-solving and planning skills as they plan and move shapes around to make them fit.
  • Improve visual perceptual skills such as visual figure ground, visual discrimination and visual-spatial relations skills. Visual discrimination is essential to build into their foundation as they will have to know that, e.g. a triangle stays a triangle - even if it is a 3D shape, a picture on the picture board or in a Maths question.
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