Attribute Game with Pattern Cards - Wooden

R 350.00 R 280.00

Develops shape recognition and spatial relations. 16 Activity cards of increasing difficulty and 71 attribute shapes - On Wood


Cookie Cutters - Geometric Shapes

R 28.00 R 22.40

Cookie cutters to create unique designs for play dough and modelling clay activities.


Dominoes - Shapes

R 78.00 R 58.50

A fun way to teach children number recognition and matching skills. It consists of 28 blocks, printed on wood.


Folder 10: Shapes all around us

R 95.00 R 71.25

Get them thinking, seeing and looking with this folder, by identifying various shapes that are all around us, every day. Use this folder to develop the following areas: Visual Perception; Form constancy Figure ground Sorting and matching Shape recognition This folder contains: Housed in a plastic sleeve 1 activity page 3 circle activity pieces 3 triangle activity pieces 3 square...


Geo Stacker Set

R 219.00 R 175.20

Sort shapes according to colour or silhouettes. Durable plastic base plate 5 geo poles   ±50 coloured geo shapes 6 Activity cards


Geometric Shapes - Small

R 116.00 R 87.00

Plastic shapes are perfectly related to size, so children can easily compare attributes - and discover what makes each shape unique. 15 shapes.


Knob Stamps - Shapes - Pack of 6

R 111.00 R 83.25

Use these washable stamps to create clever works of art. The integrated knob handle fits into small hands and provides added control - and less of a mess - making projects more fun. ø80mm.


Lotto - Touch

R 142.00 R 106.50

Search for the correct shape to match silhouette on the baseboard. 24 Foam shapes and 4 baseboards. Includes a material searching bag


Matching 2 PC - Shape Recognition

R 78.00 R 58.50

This game develops shape recognition as well as shape matching where everyday objects are matched to geometric shapes. It consists of 24 cards.


Plastic Strips - Shape Sequence

R 144.00 R 115.20

This game concentrates on colour and shape recognition as well as patterning skills. Set consists of 6 strips and supportive attribute shapes.


Shaped Bean Bags - Maths

R 64.00 R 48.00

4 Bean Bags. Includes different shapes to create the awareness of the different shapes. Average size: 150mm.


Think-and-Link in Container - Medium

R 531.00 R 424.80

± 640 piece - Think-and-Link parts slide together and build interesting figures any way kids like. All shapes are made of rugged, flexible plastic and comes in bright colours.


Threading Geo-Shapes

R 175.00 R 131.25

±95 Geometric shapes & 6 laces. Children lace according to activity cards. Develop shape and colour recognition as well as fine motor skills. 8 Activity cards are included.