A balance beam is one of the must-have items for outside play and gross motor activities. This sturdy wooden balance beam comes with two foot pieces and hula hoops making it easy to assemble indoors or outdoors. Have you tried combining the balance beam with a Maths activity by asking the child to count as they walk across the beam?

  • Pieces: 3 wooden balance beams, 4 hula hoops & 4 foot pieces 
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Material: wood 
  • Product code: MOV546
  • Your child will learn how to plan different gross motor actions, making it easier for them to repeat these actions in the future, improving these specific gross motor skills and learning how to use their bodies when performing them.
  • Improve appropriate gross motor skills as they improve their dynamic balance skills while they walk across the balance beam, crawl through the hula hoops, and try not to fall off.
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