R 117.00

Work on early mathematical skills with these foam letters and fishing poles. Set includes: 2 rods & 44 numbers. Stored in a mesh storage bag


R 150.00

Work on early literacy skills with these foam letters and fishing rods. Set includes: 2 rods & 52 letters. Stored in a mesh storage bag.

Fun Water Buckets

R 69.00

Set of 3. These buckets has a different hole each. Children can fill them with sand or water and see how it runs through the different holes.


R 23.00

Set of 4. Use this funnel to pour water of sand into containers with small openings.

Measuring Cups

R 40.00

1 Set. Use these measuring cups during water or sand play and introduce children to early measuring skills. It will also be useful during maths lessons where measuring is discussed

Measuring Jug - 500ml

R 10.00

500 ml. Great for measuring and teaching children the concept of measurement.

Mesh Storage Bag

R 40.00

This bag will allow you to store water and sand equipment neatly and the mesh allows sufficient air flow for the equipment to dry. This bag is also great for washing toys.


R 53.00

Set of 4. Colourful sponges to add extra fun to water play.

Water Boats

R 22.00

Colourful plastic boats that can float on water and that children will love to play with. Cost is for 1 boat only. 

Water Bucket - Clear

R 29.00

Use this sturdy bucket wth handle for water and sand activities as well as experiments where a see through container is needed.

Water Spray Bottle

R 30.00

This plastic water spray bottle can be used during water play activities or art activities.

Water Wheel and Bucket

R 95.00

This colourful bucket holds a water wheel that can turn as water is poured onto it. Children will learn early science skills by observing the water turning the wheel.

Watering Can

R 43.00

Use this watering can for water play activities or to water the outdoor plants.