Grow Learning Company was founded in 2007 with the core vision of being the first choice for locally manufactured educational resources.  Since our introduction, we have upheld this vision and today manufacture 80% of the 2500 products that we supply, setting us apart from our competitors who import most of their products. We are based in South Africa’s Mother City, Cape Town, with our manufacturing plant in Paarden Eiland and the distribution warehouse in Salt River.

We strive to supply South Africa with innovative curriculum's, quality educational resource materials and valuable development opportunities for early childhood and primary school educators and caregivers. Our dream is to create strong and fundamental learning opportunities and environments that will sustain our youth and develop them into socially responsible citizens that are connected in social networks and empathetic towards the world around them.

Grow Learning Company realizes that we not only have a responsibility to provide our customers with quality products and short lead-time but we also have a responsibility towards our country. Therefore, we continue to provide employment opportunities to South Africans and we are proud of the way they help us accomplish our responsibility towards our customers.

South Africa consistently imports more than it exports, resulting in its economy and wealth being lost overseas year after year. Each time we as South African’s purchase imported products we do ourselves a disfavour, as we contribute towards the widening of the trade deficit. This trade deficit relates into a weaker economy, weaker markets, lower profits and wages and ultimately higher unemployment rates in our country.

Not only do we as home-grown companies share the same values and obey the same laws as the rest of the South African society, but we are also subject to some of the most stringent manufacturing regulations in the world. Grow Learning Company has faith that our country is able to compete on the world stage at any level. Therefore, we encourage you to help improve the South African economy and manufacturing industry by supporting local manufacturers and service providers. Be proudly South African and buy local.

  • September 22, 2016
  • Carli Grobler
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