Organisational skills are skills that parents wish their children were born with. Unfortunately, that is not the case, but you can teach them to your child by using this Sequence game. With these life cycle images, your child can learn that one thing needs to happen before the next phase occurs. For example, you start as a baby, grow up as a boy, and later become a grandfather.

By placing these images in the correct sequence, your child will start to understand that some of their daily tasks need to happen in a sequence, which could assist in their organisational skills.

  • Size: 65mm x 58mm
  • Pieces: 24 picture cards & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 4 years +
  • Material: wood
  • Product code: EDU554
  • As mentioned in the product description, this product could assist your child in organisational and sequencing skills.
  • This product provides a good opportunity to introduce sentence building to your child (a sentence is a sequence of words). One could also use the colourful images as discussion cards and encourage the child to use full sentences when they tell you what happens in the picture.
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