Alphabet Chart - Photos

R 144.00

PVC 1.3m x 540mm English or Afrikaans

Art & Creative Kit - Foundation Phases

R 2,814.36

Our Foundation Phase Kit consists of: 5 x 1kg Powder Paint 1 x Non-spill Paint Pot Stand 1 x 2L School Glue 10 x Plastic Aprons 12 x Small brushes 12 x Large Brushes 1 set of 6 various Farm Animal Sponges 1 set of 6 Various Transport Sponges 1 Box of 36 Jumbo Wax Crayons 1 Set of 10...

Clown Stilt Poles

R 250.00

Walking stilts are poles equipped with steps for the feet to stand on, enabling the user to walk elevated above the ground. Enhance advanced gross motor skills such as balancing—different height settings.


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Diseases and Disabilities

R 26.00

A5 - Photo Cards. Learn about different diseases and disabilities with these full-colour images from everyday life situations.

Educational Kit - Grade R

R 2,648.00

EDU535 Domino Animals EDU536 Domino Butterfly EDU559 Build-A-Butterfly EDU541 2-piece Matching - Bird Shadows EDU506 Pegboard Set EDU501 Beads & Laces EDU500 Threading Shapes EDU557 Geo-Board Set EDU553 Shape on a Hook EDU555 Pattern Cards - Attribute Shapes EDU544 Lotto - Emotions EDU552 Sequence 2 EDU515 Tricky Fingers EDU523 Lacing Pegboard 1 Container

Family Quick Snap Card Game

R 57.00

Children will discover different family members with this fast pace game. Develop matching and visual discrimination skills.

Flying Discs - Splash Donut

R 77.00

Enjoy hours of fun with this doughnut disc that effortlessly glides through the air.

Flying Discs - Triangle

R 131.00

Enjoy hours of fun with this plastic triangle disc that effortlessly glides through the air. 25 cm

Language Kit Grade R

R 2,245.00

Grade R English or Afrikaans

Life Skills Kit - Grade R

R 3,485.00

Grade R English or Afrikaans

Magnetic Handle

R 72.00

Wave your handle over all objects to see if they’re magnetic! Teaches children what is “magnetic” and what is not.

Maths Kit - Grade R

R 2,788.00

This Kit is comprised of the following products: MAT654 Number Formation Set x1MAT636 Wall Chart A3 - 1 - 10 x1MAT646 E/A Wall Chart A3 - Number Names to 20 x1MAT673 E/A Wall Chart A3 - 2D & 3D Shapes x1MAT677 E/A Wall Chart A3 - 3D Objects x1MAT683 E/A Wall Chart A3 - Where am I? x1MAT685 E/A Wall...

Measuring Jug

R 201.00

Plastic jug with handle, marked in millilitres and cups. The set includes 1 x 2L jug, 1 x 1L jug, 1 x 500ml jug and 1 x 250ml jug.

Movement Kit - Foundation Phase

R 5,064.00

Foundation Phase

Music Kit 3

R 2,742.00

No to Sexual Abuse

R 69.00

Set of 2 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Our Country

R 145.00

Set of 8 - A3 - English or Afrikaans


R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans


R 69.00

Set of 2 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Road Signs - Flash Cards

R 57.00

Colourful flash cards that display various road signs. A5 size, laminated.


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans