This Kit is comprised of the following products:

MAT654 Number Formation Set x1
MAT636 Wall Chart A3 - 1 - 10 x1
MAT646 E/A Wall Chart A3 - Number Names to 20 x1
MAT673 E/A Wall Chart A3 - 2D & 3D Shapes x1
MAT677 E/A Wall Chart A3 - 3D Objects x1
MAT683 E/A Wall Chart A3 - Where am I? x1
MAT685 E/A Wall Chart A3 - Where is the Dog? x1
MAT693 E/A Wall Chart A3 - Time Sequence x1
MAT687 E/A Wall Chart A3 - Time - Day & Night x1
MAT538 Number Line 1 - 10 PVC x1
MAT596 Growth Chart - PVC x1
LAN500 Pocket Chart x1
MAT501 Pocket Chart Cards - Numbers 1 - 20 x1
LAN503 Pocket Chart Cards - Blank x1
MAT503 Pocket Chart Cards - 2D & 3D Shapes x1
MAT573 Flash Cards - 2D Shapes x1
EDU566 Flash Cards - Colours x1
MAT536 Classroom Number Line 1 - 10 x 1
MAT584 Plastic Clock Analogue Time x 1
MAT599 Write On Weather Board x1
LAN524 A4 Black Plastic Boards x1
ART670 Chalk White 100pc x4
Wipe-e-Card - Copy the Lines x8
ESS500 White Board Markers x10
MAT525 Teacher Abacus - 50 Bead x1
MAT521 Poker Chips 100pc x 1 
MAT608 Counting Pictures & Dots 1
EDU563 Dominoes - Colours x1
MAT513 Sorting Tray x1

The kit is available in ENGLISH or AFRIKAANS.

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