Competition in play could encourage and motivate the older child to complete tasks. These tower blocks offer this element as the children can compete and see who can build the tallest tower. The blocks click into each other, making a tall tower possible, but soon the tower will tumble, and everyone will laugh! 

  • Pieces: +/- 440
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Packaging: comes in a durable plastic container
  • Product code: CON568
  • Hand-eye and fine motor coordination are encouraged as your child picks up the blocks and link them with each other. Bilateral coordination is also improved as your child holds the tower of blocks with one hand as they connect the next block.
  • Problem-solving and planning skills are encouraged as your child must plan what they want to build and how they want to make it.
  • Language skills can be encouraged as your child explains what colour they are linking.
  • Tower blocks come in different colours, making colour identification and sorting possible and improving early mathematical skills.
  • Playing with tower blocks can also improve visual perceptual skills such as visual figure-ground, visual discrimination and visual-spatial relations when your child will have to find a specific piece among others, match pieces and then place them next to each other.
  • This product can also explain patterns as an early mathematical skill. As you start a pattern with colours, your child can continue linking the correct colours to complete the pattern.
  • Tower blocks are a great tool for counters in mathematics.
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