This catch game is an ideal piece of equipment to buy to spend time with your child and can even be used for homework. Why not take the catch game out and count in 10s every time someone catches the ball or spell a word as you throw the ball to each other? The ball sticks to the catch pads, making playing in smaller areas possible as you don’t have to run after the ball.

  • Size: ø 180mm 
  • Pieces: 2 catch pads & 1 ball
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Product code: MOV534
  • If your child throws and catches the ball, they will improve their hand-eye and bilateral coordination. These are both very important skills to develop, e.g. writing.
  • Your child will learn how to plan different gross motor actions, making it easier for them to repeat these actions in the future, improving these specific gross motor skills and learning how to use their bodies when performing them.
  • Improve ball skills such as throwing and catching and how to perform these actions in a coordinated manner.
  • Improve appropriate gross motor skills as they run and keep their dynamic balance when hitting the ball.
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R 300.00