Your classroom, art and crafts supply and messy play kits should not be without play dough. These handy 1 kg tubs will ensure a good supply to keep play-based learning going. Develop fine motor skills by manipulating the dough into various shapes and forms or use cookie cutters to get the desired shape.

  • Size: 1 kg
  • Colour: available in blue, green, red or yellow 
  • Pieces: 1
  • Age: 2 years +
  • Play dough is a very good medium to improve fine motor coordination. The play dough gives resistance to the finer muscles of the hand, making them stronger for writing and writing endurance.
  • Play dough stimulates your child’s creative thinking and planning as they think and build something with their playdough
  • Rolling and squashing the play dough could have a calming effect on your child, which can assist your child in focussing better on activities.
  • Playing with play dough is always an invitation to play and soon other friends join in which can improve your child’s social-emotional skills and sharing with other children.
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