Tricky Fingers

R 72.00

Move the coloured balls and match the patterns. Be the first player to match the patterns according to pattern cards. 2 Tricky fingers & 6 activity cards

Magnetic Letters - Lower Case

R 38.00

± 40mm (H) - Practice alphabet skills on a magnetic surface. Teach early literacy skills.

Hopping Mat

R 218.00

Children love to move. Learn how to harness that energy and turn it into enthusiasm for acquiring number concepts, including skip, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and others. Durable PVC mat. Easy to clean. 430mm x 2m.

Spatial Awareness 3D Figures

R 140.00

13-piece - Developing the skills to express and understand spatial skills are the first step in understanding spatial ability and awareness such as mathematical skills, visual perceptual skills and body awareness. Use the activity cards and spatially duplicate the pattern on the base board. 6 cards, 6 icons and 1 baseboard.

Arm and Leg Swing Ball

R 47.00

Place the hoop around your arm or leg and move in circular motions to make the ball swing Jump over the ball or cath the ball, with one hand through the hoop. Qty:1

Hand Puppets - Emotions

R 179.00

Colourful printed puppets. These half bodied puppets shows the different emotions we experience. Teach children about emotions - Set of 6

Counters - Stacking Cubes

R 136.00

200 Counters - These cubes are ideal for sorting and counting, also to practice counting over tens. The different colours make it easy for learners to experience larger numbers where tens and ones can be displayed in different colours.

Sand Paper Letters - Lower Case - Font Teacher Pet

R 208.00

These sand paper letters help a child to identify sounds represented in graphic form, also teach a child the correct writing direction of the letters. 80x80mm Font: Teacher Pet

Hopping Line

R 218.00

Use this durable PVC mat in counting and number recognition activities as well as colour and shape recognition activities. Cross the river without falling into the water! Learners get the opportunity to experience this exercise with their entire body. Add number, colour and shape dices / bean bags for added challenges. This product is colourful and easy to clean. 400mm...

Balancing Beam

R 264.00

1,2 m wooden balancing beam is developmentally appropriate for all levels of gross motor development and improves the balance of a child. Local South African Wood.

Beetle Cars - Plastic

R 22.00

1 Car - Durable plastic cars in various colours. Great for playing indoors as well as outdoors. Easy to clean. Working wheels.

Numbers Sand Paper Blocks

R 95.00

These sand paper numbers introduce beginner readers and writers to the different numbers. Ideal for tactile learners. Numbers 0-9. This helps children to make the connection between numbers and the symbol. It also helps prepare them for reading. 70mm x70mm.

Shape Sorter & Bucket

R 75.00

28 Shapes, Shape Sorter & Bucket. Durable and safe for children to play with.

Graduation Gowns & Hats

R 100.00

Celebrate the little graduates with a sleek Graduation Gown & Hat. Each gown is fitted with arm-holes and comfortably drapes around the shoulders. The gown is secured around the shoulders and comfortably fastens at the base of the neck.   The hat is fitted with an elastic string, securing the hat to the head.

Foam Dice - Dots (Large)

R 62.00

These foam dices are fun to use in different maths games, especially number recognition games and activities. 90mm x 90mm x 90mm.

Pushing Wheel

R 98.00

A durable plastic steering wheel. Pushing & racing activities.

Horse Shoe Throw

R 116.00

2 Players or 2 teams take turns at throwing the horseshoe at the target. The horseshoe game is fun for all and stimulates hand-eye coordination.

Bean Bags

R 64.00

Toss at targets or include them in gross motor activities. Soft, durable, machine washable material filled with plastic chips. Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. Set of 4

Foam Letters - Lower Case

R 62.00

± 65mm (H) - Ideal for letter recognition, spelling and word building activities.

Rainbow Parachute - 3000mm

R 275.00

Ø 3.0m Parachute games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and reinforce turn-taking and sharing. Parachutes primarily strengthen shoulder, arm and hand muscles.

Poster Bags - A2 PVC

R 49.00

A2 - PVC

Movement Activity Book

R 71.00

Includes fun activities for physical development for children 2 -10.

2 Piece Matching Colour Diagram

R 78.00

Each of these friendly fish has a selection of special colours to be matched. Supports logical thinking and colour recognition. Product Details Dimensions: 10x10 Color: Multicolor Origin: Testing Learning Benefits Lorem ipsum...

Threading Geo-Shapes

R 175.00

±95 Geometric shapes & 6 laces. Children lace according to activity cards. Develop shape and colour recognition as well as fine motor skills. 8 Activity cards are included.