Raise your child to think green. Use the Clean & Green sorting game to teach the child what items can be recycled and which category each item belongs. In addition, they learn a new life skill about sorting and matching items into categories.

  • Size: 191mm x 141mm (baseboard) 65mm x 58mm (cards)
  • Pieces: 4 wooden recycle bins on two wooden pieces, 2 foot pieces, 24 picture cards & 1 game instruction 
  • Age: 4 years +
  • Material: wood
  • Product code: LIF512
  • Matching and sorting skills are improved as your child learns to sort items into categories.
  • Language skills can be improved by using pictures as discussion cards. The colourful pictures can also be used during theme discussions in class.
  • Visual perceptual skills such as visual figure-ground can be improved as your child learns to find a specific picture between other pictures, just as they would have to find a particular word on the black-/whiteboard in class.
  • By playing a game to teach a specific life skill, you can ensure that this skill is seen as fun and that they learn it quicker.
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