Match, stack, and sort these colourful, durable shape pieces. The activity cards add an extra challenge as your child will want to finish their geo-stacker set to look the same as the one on the card. The geo-poles also assist with efficiently storing the shapes so that you will have no extra pieces.

  • Size: 260mm x 60mm x 9mm (Base plate), 200mm x 45mm (Activity cards)
  • Pieces: 1 base plate, five geo-poles, eight activity cards, +/- 46 shapes & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Product code: EDU516
  • Sort and match colours and shapes by placing all the ones that belong together on one geo-pole.
  • Improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as the child needs to look carefully to put the hole in the shape onto the geo-p le. Hand-eye coordination skills are required for essential daily tasks such as pouring juice into a glass.
  • Improve the use of positional words such as on top, under etc. As your child constantly hears these words, they internalise them, making visual spatial relations easier.
  • By following the instructions on the activity cards, your child can improve visual perceptual skills such as visual figure ground, visual discrimination and visual-spatial relations.
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