All children love to make noise.  Allow them to make a noise while learning about shapes and colours with this Hammer and bench with geo-shapes.  This is one toy that you can buy for your two-year-old that will grow with your child each year.  First, they will start to fit the basic shapes, like the circle and hammer it;  then they will be able to start hammering a specific colour, and then at about 4 years, they should be able to name all the basic colours of the game and fit all shapes easily.

  • Size: 117mm x 68mm x 35mm
  • Pieces: 28 shapes, 1 hammer, 1 bench & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 2 years +
  • Product code: EDU513
  • Learn about shapes and colours while they get to make a noise = learning instantly through play.
  • Important visual perceptual skills are learnt, such as visual figure ground (finding an object in a busy background) and visual discrimination (matching the outline of the shape on the bench to the actual shape). These are important skills to build on for reading and writing to come.
  • Fine motor development and hand-eye coordination as they pick up the shape and place it inside the holes on the bench.
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