This product will have your children fighting for a chance to try it instead of fighting with each other. The challenge is to keep the ball rolling by changing the path constantly. The track is adjusted by pulling the two handles simultaneously and continuing to do so as the ball almost reaches the end of the track. 

  • Size: 340mm x 210mm
  • Pieces: 1 figure 8 infinite loop, one ball & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 5 years +
  • Product code: EDU404
  • Improves bilateral coordination skills. It is an essential skill to develop as both sides of the body must work together, e.g. to perform age-appropriate gross motor skills or even tie shoelaces.
  • It improves hand-eye coordination and eye movements, as your child must watch the ball constantly to ensure it does not go off the path.
  • Problem-solving and planning. Quick decisions are needed to change the path and ensure the ball does not fall off.
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