Pegboards are a well-known fine motor activity used in preschools and an activity you can use at home. This jumbo pegboard is specially designed to get your younger child’s fingers working, as the pegs are easier to grip. Your child can be creative and build their picture by placing the pegs inside the pegboard holes, or the older child can follow the instructions on one of the activity cards. This pegboard set can be used for colour recognition, sorting, counting, visual perceptual, and fine motor coordination. 

  • Size: 180mm x 180mm (activity cards) 250mm x 250mm (board)
  • Pieces: 1 pegboard, 8 activity cards, 25 pegs & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Product code: EDU517
  • Fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Your child’s little fingers will work hard to place the pegs in the correct holes, improving the muscles of the hands that are needed for writing.
  • The colourful pegs can be used for colour sorting and recognition.
  • Counting can be enhanced as your child must count how many colours are needed to complete the picture.
  • Visual perceptual skills such as visual figure-ground and visual-spatial relations are improved as the child finds the correct pegs that they need and places them in the correct place on their pegboard.
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