This pegboard is a game that has an educational purpose and can be used as a fun travel companion. With this pegboard, you get a pen that the lace threads through. The idea is that you “write” with the pen to form your picture. “Writing” takes place by pushing the lace into self-locking slots and pulling the laces to the next slot, depending on where your child wants to write. As the lace stays in place on the board, this product is ideal to use for travelling in the car as pieces can’t roll around.

  • Size: 280mm x 198mm (board) 218mm x 155mm (activity card)
  • Pieces: 5 activity cards, 1 lacing pegboard, 2 pens, 8 laces & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 5 years +
  • Product code: EDU523
  • Bilateral coordination improves as your child holds the board stable with one hand and the other does the actions with the pen, an important skill for writing.
  • Fine motor coordination improves as your child’s little fingers work hard to push the lace into the self-locking holes. This pushing action can also have a calming effect on some children’s sensory systems, which could assist them in focusing better on the activity or other activities.
  • This pegboard has several educational benefits as well, it can be used for letter, number and shape formation, or it can be used to improve visual perceptual skills such as visual-spatial relations or visual figure ground skills.
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