Your younger reader will enjoy this matching game as they match colourful pictures to the correct beginning sounds on the baseboard. This allows you to enhance other language skills as they tell you more about the image they match and describe characteristics they see, improving expressive language skills simultaneously.

  • Size: 65mm x 58mm (cards) 191mm x 140mm (baseboard)
  • Pieces: 4 baseboards, 24 picture cards & 1 game instruction
  • Material: wood
  • Age: 5 years +
  • Language: Available in English or Afrikaans
  • Product code: LAN534E (English) LAN534A (Afrikaans)
  • Letter recognition and linking a sound to the letter.
  • Your child will say what they see in the picture and hear the sound; this improves their auditory skills and links the auditory and visual skills as a foundation for reading.
  • Your child can also improve on some of their visual perceptual skills, such as visual figure-ground. They must find a picture between all the other images and place it on the correct baseboard. This is a skill needed to find information on the black/whiteboard.
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