Our unique design of money has been created to teach children the practical side of money. They can practise exchanging cash in a fun and effective way. Our notes, coins and bank cards are child friendly and can only be used in dramatic play. The South African Reserve Bank prohibits copying or replicating South African Currency Rand notes and coins.

  • Pieces: 26  (2 x R200 notes, 2 x R100 notes, 2 x R50 notes, 2 x R20 notes, 2 x R10 notes, 2 x R5 coins, 2 x R2 coins, 2 x R1 coins, 2 x 50c coins, 2 x 20c coins, 2 x 10c coins, 1 x Grow cheque bank card, 1 x Grow medical card, 1 x Grow shop card & 1 x Grow movie card
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Product code: DRA531
  • Using this play money, your child learns how to work with money and “pay” for a product (even if it is not the correct amount). Instead, they know the rules of society: that one must pay for a product, that money is not unlimited, that you will have to think before you buy, etc.
  • Your child will learn how to add money to reach a total. They will also know how a price relates to real money and determine the correct amount they must pay.
  • Most importantly, your child will be able to participate in pretend play and play in a safe environment where they can be anything they want.
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