Sorting is an essential skill that your child will have to develop. Your toddler could sort big and small items with a feeling of achievement. For example, your older child could sort small, medium and large items. All of this is needed as an essential foundation for Mathematical skills. With this Small, Medium, and Large game, your child will learn to sort items according to size by looking at these colourful pictures they can relate to.

  • Size: 65mm x 58mm
  • Pieces: 24 picture cards & 1 game instruction
  • Age: 4 years +
  • Material: wood
  • Product code: MAT618
  • Sorting skills are enhanced as a foundation for mathematical skills.
  • Vocabulary development enhanced. As your child places the items in an order, they learn the correct language for degrees of comparison. The images could also be used as discussion cards.
  • Visual perceptual skills such as visual figure-ground and visual discrimination skills are improved. The child will have to find specific pictures of others and find pictures that are the same even if they differ in size.
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