2-4 Years Language and Maths Kit

R 1,349.00

This 2-4 Years Language & Maths Kit (LAN601) contains: EDU566 Flash Cards - Colours 1MAT524 Abacus - 20 Bead 1MAT508 Large Shape Dice 1LAN504 Flash Cards - Opposites 1 Flash Cards - Shape Characters 1MAT596 Growth Chart - PVC 1MAT588 Flash Cards - Sequences 1MAT598 Weather Board - Stick On 1LAn559 E/A Birthday Calendar 1LAN545 E/A Song & Rhyme Outline...

2-4 Years Music Kit

R 1,898.00

Our 2-4 years Music Kit (MUS523) contains: MUS507 Egg Shakers (Set of 2) 3MUS518 Mini Maracas (Set of 2) 3MUS508 Triangles 5MUS512 Wrist Bells (Set of 2) 3MUS502 Tambourine 2MUS511 Jingle Sticks with Ribbon 4MUS514 Handle Castanets 4MUS516 Finger Symbols (Set of 2) 1

Art & Creative Kit - Early Learning

R 2,519.63

Our Early Learning Kit, perfect for children ages 2-5, consists of the following: 5 x 1kg Powder Paint 1 x Primary Colours Paint Pot Stand 1 x 2L School Glue 10 x Plastic Aprons 1 set of 12 Large Paint brushes 1 set of Shapes Sponge Stamps 1 box of 36 Jumbo Wax Crayons 6 x Roll-a-ball Paint (Blue, Green...

Classroom Play Dough Kit

R 1,065.44

Our Classroom Play Dough Kit (ART760) contains the following: ART660 Econo Dough Board 12ART627 Play Dough 1kg - Red 1ART628 Play Dough 1kg - Blue 1ART629 Play Dough 1kg - Yellow 1ART630 Play Dough 1kg - Green 1ART655 Cutting Wheels 6ART657 Cookie Cutters 7ART654 Dough Syringes 4ART656 Pattern Press 5ART652 Rolling Pins 6ART653 Dough Spatulas 6

Educational Kit - 2 to 3 Years

R 2,348.00

The 2-3 Years Educational Kit (EDU574) contains: CON505 Medium Blocks Wooden 40pc 1EDU504 Large Shaped Beads 1CON534 Linking Shapes 1 EDU512 Nuts & Bolts Set 1EDU537 Animals & Their Homes 1EDU542 Halves & Halves 1EDU564 2pc Matching Colours 1EDU521 Combo Writing Board- Spiral 1EDU538 2pc Matching- Animals & Their Babies 1EDU545 First Picture Match Lotto 1

Mini Music Kit

R 1,123.00

This Kit is perfect for upcoming little musicians. Children from 2 years of age absolutely love playing instruments, and these instruments are all mini size especially for the mini people in your life.

Movement Activity Book

R 71.00

Includes fun activities for physical development for children 2 -10.

Movement Kit - 2 to 4 Year

R 2,987.00

Our 2-4 Years Movement Kit (MOV588) contains: MOV543 Bowling Set 1 MOV578 Pushing Wheels 4MOV516 Bean Bags - Set of 4 4MOV545 Basic Balance Beam 1MOV522 Bean Bag Catcher 1MOV505 PVC Balls 4MOV506 Rubber Balls 4MOV513 Foam Balls 6

Sand Play Kit

R 853.00

Our Sand Play Kit (SAN515) contains: SAN500 Sand Buckets 2DRA579 Beetle Cars Plastic 4SAN511 Sand Sieve 2SAN505 Spade Small 2SAN503 Sand Shakers 2SAN509 Stacking Cups 1SAN504 Rake Small 2SAN507 Sand Scoop 2SAN502 Sand Mould Set 1SAN510 Sand Plaster Tool 2ART657 Geometric Cookie Cutters 1 This kit comes in a durable storage container. *Container may differ from the one featured.

Story Book Set - Early Learning 2 - 4 Years

R 1,759.00

20 Books - Available in English or Afrikaans. Early learning storybooks are children's stories written according to different themes. Texts are short to keep young listeners interested. The pictures are bright and colourful. Story Book Set - Early Learning (STO611) STO500 E/A Sandy Goes to School 1STO501 E/A My Friend in the Mirror 1STO502 E/A Who is the Best 1STO503...

Wooden Blocks - Medium Coloured in Refill Bag - Medium

R 462.00

40 piece - Stir young children's imaginations and stimulate their love for creative playing with these wooden blocks.