Art & Creative Kit - Foundation Phases

R 2,447.00

Our Foundation Phase Kit consists of: 5 x 1kg Powder Paint 1 x Non-spill Paint Pot Stand 1 x 2L School Glue 10 x Plastic Aprons 12 x Small brushes 12 x Large Brushes 1 set of 6 various Farm Animal Sponges 1 set of 6 Various Transport Sponges 1 Box of 36 Jumbo Wax Crayons 1 Set of 10...

Magic Gears

R 219.00

The Gears allow children to see how the rotation is transferred from one gear to another to facilitate the transmission of power elsewhere. This kit helps children to develop shape and colour recognition, eye-hand coordination, symmetry and spacial sense, fine motor skills and creativity. ± 28 Piece

Magic Keys

R 191.00

Unlock the lock using the magic key. Turn and twist key until lock reaches key handle. Encourage fine motor development and determination to complete project. 8 Keys and 8 locks.