2-4 Years Music Kit

R 1,516.00

Our 2-4 years Music Kit (MUS523) contains: MUS507 Egg Shakers (Set of 2) 3MUS518 Mini Maracas (Set of 2) 3MUS508 Triangles 5MUS512 Wrist Bells (Set of 2) 3MUS502 Tambourine 2MUS511 Jingle Sticks with Ribbon 4MUS514 Handle Castanets 4MUS516 Finger Symbols (Set of 2) 1

Balancing Beam

R 264.00

1,2 m wooden balancing beam is developmentally appropriate for all levels of gross motor development and improves the balance of a child. Local South African Wood.

Bean Bags

R 64.00

Toss at targets or include them in gross motor activities. Soft, durable, machine washable material filled with plastic chips. Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. Set of 4

Double Ring Inflatable Pool with 50 Balls

R 411.00

Ball pit can be deflated for convenient storage. The balls individually provide tactile stimulation; in mass they slip off one another in fluid-like motion presenting a challenge to movement and being an ever-changing visual stimulus.

Easy Catch Bean Bags

R 67.00

These bean bags are designed to be caught more easily, increasing the opportunity for gross motor success. Inlcudes a set of 4 bags, namely blue, red, green and yellow.

Foam Balls

R 49.00

Foam balls to be used with bats. 80 mm

Gardening Tool Set

R 53.00

Set of 3. Good quality garden tool set for the inspired young gardener. Wooden handle with colourful metal base.

Mini Music Kit

R 939.00

This Kit is perfect for upcoming little musicians. Children from 2 years of age absolutely love playing instruments, and these instruments are all mini size especially for the mini people in your life.

Movement Activity Book

R 71.00

Includes fun activities for physical development for children 2 -10.

Movement Kit - 2 to 4 Year

R 2,134.00

Our 2-4 Years Movement Kit (MOV588) contains: MOV524 Golf Sets 2MOV578 Pushing Wheels 4MOV516 Bean Bags - Set of 4 4MOV545 Basic Balance Beam 1MOV522 Bean Bag Catcher 1MOV505 PVC Balls 4MOV506 Rubber Balls 4MOV513 Foam Balls 6

Pushing Wheel

R 98.00

A durable plastic steering wheel. Pushing & racing activities.

Rake - Small

R 11.00

Small, sturdy plastic rake. Improve their fun sand play activities.

Rake and Sieve

R 18.00

High quality rake and sieve.

Sand Assorted Moulds

R 59.00

Set of 6. Plastic moulds in different shapes and colours to create interesting objects of sand.

Sand Basin - Large

R 374.00

Round - Large. This sturdy sand basin can be used for sand or water play. The basin is easy to clean and will ensure hours of fun

Sand Basin and Stand - Large

R 928.00

A perfect combo of a sturdy metal stand and plastic basin at a perfect height for children. This combo will make water and sand play a fun activity.

Sand Basin Stand for Large Round Basin

R 555.00

A metal stand which holds the sand basin. It is at a perfect height to make it assessable for small children.

Sand Bucket

R 31.00

Sturdy plastic bucket with handle to carry water or sand. Perfect for building sand castles.

Sand Jelly Moulds

R 42.00

Set of 4. Plastic moulds, in different colours to create interesting objects of sand

Sand Play Kit

R 624.00

Our Sand Play Kit (SAN515) contains: SAN500 Sand Buckets 2DRA579 Beetle Cars Plastic 4SAN511 Sand Sieve 2SAN505 Spade Small 2SAN503 Sand Shakers 2SAN509 Stacking Cups 1SAN504 Rake Small 2SAN507 Sand Scoop 2SAN502 Sand Mould Set 1SAN510 Sand Plaster Tool 2ART657 Geometric Cookie Cutters 1 This kit comes in a durable storage container. *Container may differ from the one featured.

Sand Play Set

R 80.00

Bucket, Sieve, Shovel, Rake

Sand Scoop

R 19.00

Enjoy the fun of playing in the sand by digging, scooping and pouring. Helps develop gross motor skills.

Sand Shaker

R 18.00


Sand Sieve

R 20.00

Plastic sieve for children to fill with sand or water and watch it fall through.