Balancing Rocker

R 241.00

With Foam Layer. Develop and enhance gross motor skills with this rocking and balancing base. Features smooth edges and a natural coloured finish. Can be flipped for a different balancing challenge.

Bean Bag Catcher

R 723.00

This bean bag catcher is a plastic frame with PVC fabric and holes. Perfect for hand-eye-coordination

Catch Game and Ball

R 240.00

Round Velcro covered mitts have a "sure stick" catching surface with adjustable hand grips on the back as easy fit for anyone. Includes ball. Ideal for practising throwing and catching as well as hand-eye-coordination.

Classroom Kit - 4 to 5 Year

R 27,471.00

This Kit is comprised of the following products: Teachers Guides RES005 Teachers Guides 4-5 Years (Term 1,2,3,4) 1 Art & Creative: Early Learning Kit (ART761) ART538 Powder Paint 1kg- BLUE 1 ART539 Powder Paint 1kg- RED 1 ART541 Powder Paint 1kg- YELLOW 1ART542 Powder Paint 1kg- BLACK 1ART544 Powder Paint 1kg- WHITE 1ART577 Paint Pot Stand 1ART734 School Glue 2L...

Cricket Bat

R 81.00

Use this bat together with a ball to develop hand eye coordination.

Cricket Set - Mini

R 208.00

Play like a pro with this wooden cricket set.

Frog Hopscotch

R 197.00

Use this durable PVC circles in counting and number recognition activities. Learners get the opportunity to experience this exercise with their whole body. This product is easy to clean. Printed on durable plastic rounds. Numbers 1 - 10. 230mm.

Hand Drum

R 105.00

Wooden hand drum with diameter of 20cm. Hand drums are found throughout the world and are easy to play. You can play your hand drum by holding it out in front of you with one hand and striking the drum with the other, or you can rest the outer edge of the frame on your knees and play it with...

Hopping Line

R 218.00

Use this durable PVC mat in counting and number recognition activities as well as colour and shape recognition activities. Cross the river without falling into the water! Learners get the opportunity to experience this exercise with their entire body. Add number, colour and shape dices / bean bags for added challenges. This product is colourful and easy to clean. 400mm...

Hopping Mat

R 218.00

Children love to move. Learn how to harness that energy and turn it into enthusiasm for acquiring number concepts, including skip, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and others. Durable PVC mat. Easy to clean. 430mm x 2m.

Horse Shoe Throw

R 116.00

2 Players or 2 teams take turns at throwing the horseshoe at the target. The horseshoe game is fun for all and stimulates hand-eye coordination.

Jingle Stick with Ribbon

R 80.00

Let children have fun making and exploring musical sounds with this 13 bell jingle stick with colourful ribbon.

Jingle Sticks

R 77.00

Jingle stick with 13 bells. Pair

Jump Ropes - Conveti

R 117.00

Will not twist, no handles needed. Set of 4 Skipping ropes.

Maracas - Mini

R 54.00

Colourful child size maracas to use individually or in pairs. Pair.

Maracas - Wooden Mini

R 66.00

Improve a child's rhythm skills using these mini maracas.  One pair only included per purchase.    

Marching Drum

R 403.00

Plastic Ø 20cm. Tap out a drum beat or use the drumsticks, creating a wonderful resonating drumming sound

Movement Kit - 4 to 5 Year

R 3,722.00

4 - 5 Year

Netball or Volley Moulded Ball

R 175.00

Improve throwing, catching and kicking skills

Number Bean Bags - Maths

R 188.00

Use these number printed bean bags to create early maths experiences. Numbers 0-10. 150mm x 150mm

Skipping Rope - Plastic Handle

R 36.00

These durable ropes swing freely, does not twist. Plastic Handle

Skipping Rope - Wooden Handle

R 24.00

These durable ropes swing freely, does not twist. Wooden Handle

Soccer Ball Olympic Number 5

R 185.00

Improve throwing, catching and kicking skills.

Soccer Ball Stitch Number 5

R 119.00

Improve throwing, catching and kicking skills