Alphabet Bean Bags

R 438.00

Use these alphabet printed bean bags to create early literacy experiences.

Bean Bag Catcher

R 723.00

This bean bag catcher is a plastic frame with PVC fabric and holes. Perfect for hand-eye-coordination

Bean Bags

R 64.00

Toss at targets or include them in gross motor activities. Soft, durable, machine washable material filled with plastic chips. Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. Set of 4

Easy Catch Bean Bags

R 67.00

These bean bags are designed to be caught more easily, increasing the opportunity for gross motor success. Inlcudes a set of 4 bags, namely blue, red, green and yellow.

Flying Bean Bags

R 95.00

These colourful bean bags fly through the air and comes down gently, so children can catch them easily. Ideal for the beginner catcher and easy to hold and throw. Set of 6

Number 1 - 20 Bean Bags

R 339.00

Use these number printed bean bags to create early mathematical experiences

Shaped Bean Bags

R 64.00

Includes different shapes to create the awareness of the different shapes. Set of 4 shape Bean Bags.