Discovery Board - Magnetic

R 145.00

Guess which objects are magnetic? The child slides the magnetic wand over the clear plastic cover and discovers which items are attracted by the magnet and which are not. Objects are randomly arranged. 190mmx 190mm


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Diseases and Disabilities

R 26.00

A5 - Photo Cards. Learn about different diseases and disabilities with these full-colour images from everyday life situations.

Educational Kit - Grade R

R 2,648.00

EDU535 Domino Animals EDU536 Domino Butterfly EDU559 Build-A-Butterfly EDU541 2-piece Matching - Bird Shadows EDU506 Pegboard Set EDU501 Beads & Laces EDU500 Threading Shapes EDU557 Geo-Board Set EDU553 Shape on a Hook EDU555 Pattern Cards - Attribute Shapes EDU544 Lotto - Emotions EDU552 Sequence 2 EDU515 Tricky Fingers EDU523 Lacing Pegboard 1 Container

Family Quick Snap Card Game

R 57.00

Children will discover different family members with this fast pace game. Develop matching and visual discrimination skills.

Life Skills Kit - Grade R

R 3,485.00

Grade R English or Afrikaans

Magnetic Handle

R 72.00

Wave your handle over all objects to see if they’re magnetic! Teaches children what is “magnetic” and what is not.

No to Sexual Abuse

R 69.00

Set of 2 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Our Country

R 145.00

Set of 8 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Pattern Tracer: N-Shape

R 116.00

Our pattern tracers take you back to when you wrote and practised patterns in starch as the start to writing letters. Now you can give your child the same experience without the mess. Our pattern tracer comes with a wooden “pencil” that makes it possible for them to draw the pattern repeatedly and ensure they feel the correct formation of...


R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans


R 69.00

Set of 2 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Road Signs - Flash Cards

R 57.00

Colourful flash cards that display various road signs. A5 size, laminated.


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans