Appropriate Behaviour in Conflict

R 26.00

A5 - Photo Cards. Learn about appropriate behaviour in conflict situations with these full colour images from everyday life situations.

Classroom Kit: 4 to 5 Year

R 34,192.00

This Kit is comprised of the following products: Teacher's Guides RES005 Teachers Guides 4-5 Years (Term 1,2,3,4) 1 Art & Creative: Early Learning Kit (ART761) ART538 Powder Paint 1kg- BLUE 1 ART539 Powder Paint 1kg- RED 1 ART541 Powder Paint 1kg- YELLOW 1ART542 Powder Paint 1kg- BLACK 1ART544 Powder Paint 1kg- WHITE 1ART577 Paint Pot Stand 1ART734 School Glue 2L...

Eating Healthy

R 119.00

Set of 6 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Educational Kit - 4 to 5 Year

R 2,491.00

EDU535 Domino Animals EDU536 Domino Butterfly EDU539 2-piece Matching - Things That Go Together EDU541 2-piece matching - Bird Shadows EDU 531 T-Shaped Maze Puzzle MAT617 3-piece Matching - Before and After EDU552 Sequence 1 EDU555 Attribute Cards EDU559 Build-A-Butterfly EDU544 Lotto - Emotions EDU502 Threading  Geo Shapes EDU517 Jumbo Peg Board EDU500 Threading Shapes EDU551 Lotto: Right & Wrong...

Life Cycle Puzzle Game

R 158.00

These circle puzzles depict the stages in the life cycle of humans, butterflies, frogs, chickens and plants. Each puzzle contains five pieces. Images are printed onto wood.

Pattern Tracer: N-Shape

R 116.00

Our pattern tracers take you back to when you wrote and practised patterns in starch as the start to writing letters. Now you can give your child the same experience without the mess. Our pattern tracer comes with a wooden “pencil” that makes it possible for them to draw the pattern repeatedly and ensure they feel the correct formation of...