Bug Box - Wooden

R 122.00

Sturdy wooden bug box. Children can observe bugs through the mesh sides. The mesh also ensures enough ventilation for the bugs. Size: 140mm x120mm x120mm

Discovery Board - Magnetic

R 145.00

Guess which objects are magnetic? The child slides the magnetic wand over the clear plastic cover and discovers which items are attracted by the magnet and which are not. Objects are randomly arranged. 190mmx 190mm

Life Cycle Puzzle Game

R 158.00

These circle puzzles depict the stages in the life cycle of humans, butterflies, frogs, chickens and plants. Each puzzle contains five pieces. Images are printed onto wood.

Magnetic Handle

R 72.00

Wave your handle over all objects to see if they’re magnetic! Teaches children what is “magnetic” and what is not.

Magnifying Glass

R 28.00

Ø 75mm - Clear magnifying glass with plastic handle. Ideal for taking closer looks at plants and insects.


R 48.00

These plastic tweezers are the right size for small hands. The slighter tension will make it easy to use for younger learners. Great for developing motor skills, games and sorting activities.