Educational Kit - 2 to 3 Years

R 2,098.00

The 2-3 Years Educational Kit (EDU574) contains: CON574 Baby Stacking Towers 1EDU504 Large Shaped Beads 1MAT515 C-Link Counters 1EDU512 Nuts & Bolts Set 1EDU537 Animals & Their Homes 1EDU542 Halves & Halves 1EDU564 2pc Matching Colours 1EDU521 Combo Writing Board- Spiral 1EDU538 2pc Matching- Animals & Their Babies 1EDU545 First Picture Match Lotto 1

Hammer and Bench with Geo Shapes

R 90.00

Help little hands with fine motor skills, stimulate hand and eye coordination. 28 Shapes, Bench and Hammer.

Poster Set - A2 - 40 Charts

R 2,591.00

A2 - 40 Charts

Poster Set - A3 - 40 Charts

R 469.00

A3 - 40 Charts

Sequence 1

R 122.00

Help children develop skills in sequencing, ordering of events, memorizing, observation, storytelling and logical thinking. Set consists of 3 x 4-step; 2 x 3-step and 2 x 2-step sequencing cards with colour matching baseboards.