Alphabet Bean Bags

R 438.00

Use these alphabet printed bean bags to create early literacy experiences.

Arm and Leg Swing Ball

R 47.00

Place the hoop around your arm or leg and move in circular motions to make the ball swing Jump over the ball or cath the ball, with one hand through the hoop. Qty:1

Bat Set

R 119.00

Use these wooden rackets with the ball to develop hand eye coordination.

Batting Balls

R 38.00

Small rubber balls to be used with bats as well as toe / foot balancing boards. 38 mm

Castanet - Finger

R 41.00

This percussion instrument is perfect for helping children count, go along with a rhythm, or just enjoy as an instrument. Our finger castanets are made from plastic and you receive a pair of castanets as one is required for each hand. The castanet is played with the string hooked over the thumb and the castanets resting on the palm with...

Clown Stilt Poles

R 250.00

Walking stilts are poles equipped with steps for the feet to stand onto, enabling the user to walk elevated above the ground. Enhance advanced gross motor skills such as balancing. Different height settings.

Cricket Poly Soft Ball

R 87.00

This light weight ball is easy to track, and the surface is pliant enough for children to catch.

Cymbals - Finger

R 58.00

Known as "Zills" in turkish. These are fun props which make a great ringing noise if hit quickly. Just place one steel cymbals on your thumb and the other on another finger and then hit together to make a delightful ring. Fun music making as well as developing hand strength and control at the same time.

Cymbals - Hand

R 162.00

Your little one will feel like he is in the marching band with these clashing cymbals in hand. Made from durable steel, this pair of hand cymbals create a lovely ring when clashed against each other. Help your child develop rythm, bilateral co-ordination, hand-eye co-ordination and shoulder and arm strength as they play.

Flying Discs - Splash Donut

R 77.00

Enjoy hours of fun with this donut disc that easily glides through the air.

Flying Discs - Triangle

R 89.00

Enjoy hours of fun with this plastic triangle disc that easily glides through the air. 25 cm


R 26.00

Enjoy hours of fun with this plastic frisbee that easily glides through the air.

Language Hopscotch Mat

R 174.00

This PVC mat introduces the alphabet in a fun and creative way. Creates endless literacy games by adding beanbags to activities. Engages mind and muscle. For individuals, small groups or whole class play. 1.9m x 435mm

Light Weight Racket - No Ball

R 65.00

Use these rackets with a ball to develop hand-eye-coordination. Plastic (Ball not included)

Movement Kit - Foundation Phase

R 4,337.00

Foundation Phase

Music Kit 3

R 2,202.00

Number 1 - 20 Bean Bags

R 339.00

Use these number printed bean bags to create early mathematical experiences