About Me

R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Bug Box - Wooden

R 122.00

Sturdy wooden bug box. Children can observe bugs through the mesh sides. The mesh also ensures enough ventilation for the bugs. Size: 140mm x120mm x120mm

Classroom Rules

R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Educational Kit - 3 to 4 Year

R 2,086.00

MAT617 2-piece Matching Shape Recognition EDU540 Getting Dressed for Seasons EDU539 Things That Go Together MAT619 3-piece Matching small, medium & large EDU552 Sequence 1 EDU518 Combo Writing Board - Heart EDU544 Lotto - Emotions LIF520 Lotto - Matching Food EDU547 Lotto Animals EDU534 Fishing Game EDU501 Beads & Laces EDU516 Geo Stackers 1 Container


R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Magnifying Glass

R 28.00

Ø 75mm - Clear magnifying glass with plastic handle. Ideal for taking closer looks at plants and insects.

Pattern Tracer: N-Shape

R 116.00

Our pattern tracers take you back to when you wrote and practised patterns in starch as the start to writing letters. Now you can give your child the same experience without the mess. Our pattern tracer comes with a wooden “pencil” that makes it possible for them to draw the pattern repeatedly and ensure they feel the correct formation of...

Road Safety

R 69.00

Set of 2 - A3 - English or Afrikaans


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Tactile Board

R 200.00

A tactile board helps children identify contrasting textures, like smooth versus rough. A fantastic multi-sensory experience. For a more extensive hands-on tactile experience, blindfold the learners when confident with sensory sensation.


R 48.00

These plastic tweezers are the right size for small hands. The slighter tension will make it easy to use for younger learners. Great for developing motor skills, games and sorting activities.