2-4 Years Music Kit

R 1,516.00

Our 2-4 years Music Kit (MUS523) contains: MUS507 Egg Shakers (Set of 2) 3MUS518 Mini Maracas (Set of 2) 3MUS508 Triangles 5MUS512 Wrist Bells (Set of 2) 3MUS502 Tambourine 2MUS511 Jingle Sticks with Ribbon 4MUS514 Handle Castanets 4MUS516 Finger Symbols (Set of 2) 1

Alphabet Bean Bags

R 438.00

Use these alphabet printed bean bags to create early literacy experiences.

Arm and Leg Swing Ball

R 47.00

Place the hoop around your arm or leg and move in circular motions to make the ball swing Jump over the ball or cath the ball, with one hand through the hoop. Qty:1

Balancing Beam

R 264.00

1,2 m wooden balancing beam is developmentally appropriate for all levels of gross motor development and improves the balance of a child. Local South African Wood.

Balancing Rocker

R 241.00

With Foam Layer. Develop and enhance gross motor skills with this rocking and balancing base. Features smooth edges and a natural coloured finish. Can be flipped for a different balancing challenge.

Balancing Stilts

R 123.00

Pair. Assist with hand-and-feet coordination, while children train their muscles, motor skills and balance.

Ball Carry Net

R 109.00

Store 10 Balls - Store and carry balls with ease.

Ball Pump

R 57.00

Compact ball pump. - 30 cm

Bat Set

R 119.00

Use these wooden rackets with the ball to develop hand eye coordination.

Batting Balls

R 38.00

Small rubber balls to be used with bats as well as toe / foot balancing boards. 38 mm

Bean Bag Catcher

R 723.00

This bean bag catcher is a plastic frame with PVC fabric and holes. Perfect for hand-eye-coordination

Bean Bags

R 64.00

Toss at targets or include them in gross motor activities. Soft, durable, machine washable material filled with plastic chips. Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. Set of 4


R 43.00

Traditionally shaped bib with strong elastic on sides. Ideal for team identification. (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)

Bowling set

R 113.00

s can bowl indoors or outdoors with the Bowling Set. It comes with one plastic bowling ball and six colourful pins.

Castanet - Finger

R 41.00

This percussion instrument is perfect for helping children count, go along with a rhythm, or just enjoy as an instrument. Our finger castanets are made from plastic and you receive a pair of castanets as one is required for each hand. The castanet is played with the string hooked over the thumb and the castanets resting on the palm with...

Castanet with Handle

R 66.00

Our durable plastic handle castanets are easier to use than the finger castanets and are a great percussion instrument to tap out different rhythms.

Catch Game and Ball

R 240.00

Round Velcro covered mitts have a "sure stick" catching surface with adjustable hand grips on the back as easy fit for anyone. Includes ball. Ideal for practising throwing and catching as well as hand-eye-coordination.

Children Ahead - Sign Only

R 55.00

Sign Only. Durable traffic signs will turn outdoor play into a new adventure.


R 54.00

Claves are an important instrument in Cuban music. They are basic pair of short wooden dowels that are used as a percussion instrument to tap out different rhythms. They create a bright clicking noise when struck. Perfect for helping children with counting, developing bi-lateral co-ordination as well as hand-eye co-ordination.

Clown Stilt Poles

R 250.00

Walking stilts are poles equipped with steps for the feet to stand onto, enabling the user to walk elevated above the ground. Enhance advanced gross motor skills such as balancing. Different height settings.

Cluster Bell on a handle

R 47.00

These plastic cluster bells are very pleasing to the eye and the ear. There are 3 bells attached securely to a piece of plastic which is easy to grip and will encourage children to grip, grasp and practice voluntary release. Children have great fun jingling their bells as music plays in the background. Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the...

Cones Flat - Orange

R 36.00

Brightly coloured cones to serve as markers. Set of 4

Cones Triangle - Blue - 15cm

R 57.00

Brightly coloured cones to serve as markers. Set of 4 15 cm

Cones Triangle - Blue - 22cm

R 68.00

Brightly coloured cones to serve as markers. Set of 4 22cm