2-4 Years Music Kit

R 1,898.00

Our 2-4 years Music Kit (MUS523) contains: MUS507 Egg Shakers (Set of 2) 3MUS518 Mini Maracas (Set of 2) 3MUS508 Triangles 5MUS512 Wrist Bells (Set of 2) 3MUS502 Tambourine 2MUS511 Jingle Sticks with Ribbon 4MUS514 Handle Castanets 4MUS516 Finger Symbols (Set of 2) 1

Bean Bag Catcher

R 771.00

This bean bag catcher is a plastic frame with PVC fabric and holes. Perfect for hand-eye-coordination


R 46.00

Traditionally shaped bib with strong elastic on sides. Ideal for team identification. (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)

Children Ahead - Sign Only

R 55.00

Sign Only. Durable traffic signs will turn outdoor play into a new adventure.

Clown Stilt Poles

R 250.00

Walking stilts are poles equipped with steps for the feet to stand on, enabling the user to walk elevated above the ground. Enhance advanced gross motor skills such as balancing—different height settings.

Flying Bean Bags

R 95.00

These colourful bean bags fly through the air and comes down gently, so children can catch them easily. Ideal for the beginner catcher and easy to hold and throw. Set of 6

Flying Discs - Splash Donut

R 77.00

Enjoy hours of fun with this doughnut disc that effortlessly glides through the air.

Flying Discs - Triangle

R 131.00

Enjoy hours of fun with this plastic triangle disc that effortlessly glides through the air. 25 cm

Measuring Cups

R 68.00

1 Set. Use these measuring cups during water or sand play and introduce children to early measuring skills. It will also be useful during maths lessons where measuring is discussed.

Mini Music Kit

R 1,123.00

This Kit is perfect for upcoming little musicians. Children from 2 years of age absolutely love playing instruments, and these instruments are all mini size especially for the mini people in your life.

Movement Activity Book

R 71.00

Includes fun activities for physical development for children 2 -10.

Movement Kit - 2 to 4 Year

R 2,987.00

Our 2-4 Years Movement Kit (MOV588) contains: MOV543 Bowling Set 1 MOV578 Pushing Wheels 4MOV516 Bean Bags - Set of 4 4MOV545 Basic Balance Beam 1MOV522 Bean Bag Catcher 1MOV505 PVC Balls 4MOV506 Rubber Balls 4MOV513 Foam Balls 6

Movement Kit - 4 to 5 Year

R 4,405.00

4 - 5 Year

Movement Kit - Foundation Phase

R 5,064.00

Foundation Phase

Music Kit 3

R 2,742.00

Netball / Volley Moulded Ball

Sold Out

Are you looking for an inexpensive toy that will never get old? Balls are great, as they can be used for all ages and can even get the whole family off the couch and in the garden playing. Product Details Size: ø 220mm Pieces: 1 Age: 3 years + Product code: MOV509 Learning Benefits If your child throws the ball up...

No Entry - Sign Only

R 55.00

Sign Only. Durable traffic signs will turn outdoor play into a new adventure.

No Parking - Sign Only

R 55.00

Sign Only. Durable traffic signs will turn outdoor play into a new adventure.

Number 1-20 Beanbags

R 339.00

Enhance your child’s number recognition skills while they play and have fun. Beanbags provide several opportunities for gross motor actions, balance activities, and mathematics activities. It is never too early to introduce your child to numbers! Product Details Size: 150mm x 150mm  Pieces: 20  beanbags Age: 4 years + Product code: MOV521 Learning Benefits Improve your child’s bilateral coordination skills as...

Road Signs - No Parking

R 291.00

These wooden road signs will make car and road play much more fun. The realistic-looking signs will assist children in understanding the rules of the street from a young age. Pair it with a scooter or bicycle, and you will have a full game that children can engage with for hours. Let their imaginations run wild as they enjoy pretend...

Sand Play Kit

R 853.00

Our Sand Play Kit (SAN515) contains: SAN500 Sand Buckets 2DRA579 Beetle Cars Plastic 4SAN511 Sand Sieve 2SAN505 Spade Small 2SAN503 Sand Shakers 2SAN509 Stacking Cups 1SAN504 Rake Small 2SAN507 Sand Scoop 2SAN502 Sand Mould Set 1SAN510 Sand Plaster Tool 2ART657 Geometric Cookie Cutters 1 This kit comes in a durable storage container. *Container may differ from the one featured.

Shaped Bean Bags

R 64.00

Includes different shapes to create the awareness of the different shapes. Set of 4 shape Bean Bags.