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R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Air Transport: Single Theme Chart

R 18.00

Colourful wallcharts brighten up any environment. A must-have teacher's resource aiding in visual learning according to multiple topics. This wallchart addresses Air Transport. Product Details Size: A3 & A2  Pieces: 1 Product code: A3 POS500E (English)A3 POS500A (Afrikaans) A2 POS501E (English) A2 POS501A (Afrikaans) Language: English & Afrikaans Learning Benefits As you put up a wallchart, you add a constant...

Appropriate Behaviour in Conflict

R 26.00

A5 - Photo Cards. Learn about appropriate behaviour in conflict situations with these full colour images from everyday life situations.

Bug Box - Wooden

R 122.00

Sturdy wooden bug box. Children can observe bugs through the mesh sides. The mesh also ensures enough ventilation for the bugs. Size: 140mm x120mm x120mm

Classroom Rules

R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Discovery Board - Magnetic

R 145.00

Guess which objects are magnetic? The child slides the magnetic wand over the clear plastic cover and discovers which items are attracted by the magnet and which are not. Objects are randomly arranged. 190mmx 190mm


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Diseases and Disabilities

R 26.00

A5 - Photo Cards. Learn about different diseases and disabilities with these full-colour images from everyday life situations.

Eating Healthy

R 119.00

Set of 6 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Educational Kit - 2 to 3 Years

R 2,348.00

The 2-3 Years Educational Kit (EDU574) contains: CON505 Medium Blocks Wooden 40pc 1EDU504 Large Shaped Beads 1CON534 Linking Shapes 1 EDU512 Nuts & Bolts Set 1EDU537 Animals & Their Homes 1EDU542 Halves & Halves 1EDU564 2pc Matching Colours 1EDU521 Combo Writing Board- Spiral 1EDU538 2pc Matching- Animals & Their Babies 1EDU545 First Picture Match Lotto 1

Educational Kit - 3 to 4 Year

R 2,086.00

MAT617 2-piece Matching Shape Recognition EDU540 Getting Dressed for Seasons EDU539 Things That Go Together MAT619 3-piece Matching small, medium & large EDU552 Sequence 1 EDU518 Combo Writing Board - Heart EDU544 Lotto - Emotions LIF520 Lotto - Matching Food EDU547 Lotto Animals EDU534 Fishing Game EDU501 Beads & Laces EDU516 Geo Stackers 1 Container

Educational Kit - 4 to 5 Year

R 2,491.00

EDU535 Domino Animals EDU536 Domino Butterfly EDU539 2-piece Matching - Things That Go Together EDU541 2-piece matching - Bird Shadows EDU 531 T-Shaped Maze Puzzle MAT617 3-piece Matching - Before and After EDU552 Sequence 1 EDU555 Attribute Cards EDU559 Build-A-Butterfly EDU544 Lotto - Emotions EDU502 Threading  Geo Shapes EDU517 Jumbo Peg Board EDU500 Threading Shapes EDU551 Lotto: Right & Wrong...

Educational Kit - Grade R

R 2,648.00

EDU535 Domino Animals EDU536 Domino Butterfly EDU559 Build-A-Butterfly EDU541 2-piece Matching - Bird Shadows EDU506 Pegboard Set EDU501 Beads & Laces EDU500 Threading Shapes EDU557 Geo-Board Set EDU553 Shape on a Hook EDU555 Pattern Cards - Attribute Shapes EDU544 Lotto - Emotions EDU552 Sequence 2 EDU515 Tricky Fingers EDU523 Lacing Pegboard 1 Container


R 81.00

Set of 3 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Family Quick Snap Card Game

R 57.00

Children will discover different family members with this fast pace game. Develop matching and visual discrimination skills.


R 107.00

Set of 5 - A3 - English or Afrikaans

Life Cycle Puzzle Game

R 158.00

These circle puzzles depict the stages in the life cycle of humans, butterflies, frogs, chickens and plants. Each puzzle contains five pieces. Images are printed onto wood.

Life Skills Kit - Grade 1

R 2,882.00

Grade 1 English or Afrikaans

Life Skills Kit - Grade 2

R 2,866.00

Grade 2 English or Afrikaans

Life Skills Kit - Grade 3

R 3,180.00

Grade 3 English or Afrikaans

Life Skills Kit - Grade R

R 3,485.00

Grade R English or Afrikaans

Magnetic Handle

R 72.00

Wave your handle over all objects to see if they’re magnetic! Teaches children what is “magnetic” and what is not.

Magnifying Glass

R 28.00

Ø 75mm - Clear magnifying glass with plastic handle. Ideal for taking closer looks at plants and insects.

No to Sexual Abuse

R 69.00

Set of 2 - A3 - English or Afrikaans